Northwest surveys - general
Compensation data covering board members, executives, management, professional, engineering, and technology (IT) positions in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
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City and regional surveys
From Alaska to Arizona, and from Puget Sound to Portland and Spokane, Milliman's city and regional compensation surveys provide data that help companies be more competitive.
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Benefits survey
A comprehensive range of employee benefits to show what companies, in a range of industries, provide in their major benefits plans.
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Financial industry survey
Job-by-job data for Northwest financial institutions, including commercial banks, savings institutions, and credit unions.
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  Health care surveys
Compensation and selected benefits policy data on benchmark and executive positions for Northwest health care employers—from hospitals, clinics, home care, and long-term care organizations.
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Public employer surveys
Peer group, geographic location, agency type and size, and other data for industry-specific positions from Oregon and Washington public employers.
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Utilities industry survey
Salary & wage data for Northwest utilities employers, including public utility districts, investor-owned utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives.
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Salary Surveys
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Oregon Public Employers Survey Oregon Public Employers
Now collecting data for the 2017 Oregon Public Employers Salary Survey.
survey scheules Northwest Board of Directors
Now collecting data for the 2016 - 2017 Northwest Board of Directors Compensation Survey.
Northwest Executive Compensation Survey
Now collecting data for the 2016 - 2017 Northwest Executive Compensation Survey.